Available in English

Harald Ibenholt, Management of Heritage Protection (Norway)
Campaign for rehabilitation of traditional Windows in Norway

(download – pdf)

Michael Bidnell, The Georgian Group (Great-Britain)
Protection of Georgian townscape and windows in England
(download – pdf)

Taco Hermans, Service for the Protection of Cultural Heritage (The Netherlands)
Repair and upgrade of steel windows – study from The Netherlands
(download – pdf) (download – PowerPoint)

Lőrinczi, Zsuzsa, 6Bt Achitectural Publishing Co.
The Preservation and Upgrading of Historic Windows
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Available only in Hungarian

The programme of the International Symposium for the Preservation of Historic Windows
(download – pdf) 

Dr. Vukov, Konstantin, Budapest Corvinus University (Hungary)
Structural differences of traditional and new windows –  main sources of problems
(download – pdf)

Markušová,Tina, Košice Regional Office for the Protection of Historic Monuments (Slovakia)
New Window on an Old House – Košice Requiem
(download – pdf)

Dr. Becker, Gábor, Budapest University of Technology and Economics (Hungary)
Windows as Building Structures
(download – pdf)